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FAA101 ATC & Weather, Mastering the Systems - Collins

ATC & Weather, Mastering the Systems - Collins

Product description:

In this Second edition of Mastering the Systems, author Richard Collins reveals how to work air traffic control and weather services to maximum advantage.
“There are always two systems out there — air traffic control and weather — and the responsibility and the challenge come from fitting the airplane into both of them as smoothly as possible.”
This book's emphasis is on judgment and the interface between pilot and environment, addressing both VFR and IFR situations from flight planning on through to arrival, approach, and landing.
Richard Collins explains the factors pilots need to consider when making these decisions, supplementing them with examples from personal experience and accident reports. He lays all the factors on the table so pilots have enough information to develop individual and airplane limitations.
Pilots will learn exactly what they can and should ask of ATC to help them out of a mess. Softcover, indexed, 172 pages.


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