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BTG023 Flying a New Generation Gyrocopter

This book is a training guide for flying New Generation Gyrocopters.

£45.00/£45.00 including VAT (Exempt) View details

BTG024 The Gyrocopter Pilot's Handbook - The Flying Exercises

The Gyrocopter Pilot's Handbook- The Flying Exercises is the complete companion to the PPL(G) Syllabus in the UK.

£45.00/£45.00 including VAT (Exempt) View details

BTG025 The PPL(G) Syllabus 2009 Edition

The PPL(G) Syllabus contains a definition of all the flight training and groundschool training that is required to become a Gyro pilot.

£15.50/£15.50 including VAT (Exempt) View details

BTG064 Autogyros, Gyroplanes and Gyrocopters - Dave Organ

Produced throughout in full colour perfect bound softback (240mm x170mm) with 18 Chapters, over 47,000 words and 200 images, this professionally produced book brings you all you need to know about the fascinating world of Autogyros.

£19.95/£19.95 including VAT (Exempt) View details

BTG065 The Gyro Quick Guide - Kai Maurer

The essential guide for every autogyro pilot. Clear, Compact and Concise.

£35.00/£35.00 including VAT (Exempt) View details

BTG066 The Insider's Guide to the Magni M24C Orion Gyrocopter

The Magni M24C Orion 2-seat side by side, fully enclosed Gyrocopter is the flagship of the Magni Gyro range.

£20.00/£20.00 including VAT (Exempt) View details

Currently showing products 1 - 6 of 6 in this category.

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