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SGE002 Aerocoat Aftercare Aircraft Cleaning Kit

Product description:

Research by aviation giant Boeing proves that the best way of reducing drag and lowering fuel consumption is to keep aerodynamically clean aircraft.

Aerocoat Aftercare is a two-tier product that will not only clean your aircraft but leave the paintwork looking shiny and pristine.  Aerocoat Aftercare has been produced by Aerocoat International after the success of their full nano coating process which is now regarded as number one across the European aviation industry for surface protection.  Based at their dedicated facility in Essex, the full Aerocoat process is the coating of choice for pilots that are flying Cirrus, Daher-Socata and Tecnam aircraft on both sides of the Atlantic.  And for the first time ever, Aerocoat Aftercare gives owners a chance to use an entry level version of that nano surface technology on their own aircraft.

The Aerocoat Aftercare box includes Surface Seal which is a specially formulated nano-Si coating and NOT a wax, so often used in traditional cleaning products.

It is hydrophobic and UV reflective, creating a protective barrier onto the PU (polyurethane) paint.

Detritus picked up from regular flying such as bug splatter and dirt are easily wiped away thanks to the Surface Seal barrier on the surface of the aircraft resulting in more time in the cockpit and less time cleaning for pilots.

What’s in the Aerocoat Aftercare Box:

  • AEROCOAT WASH – Removes dirt and oxidants
  • AEROCOAT SURFACE SEAL – Water based and non-wax surface sealant
  • Two micro fibre cloths

–Pour one unit of Aerocoat Wash (measured by the red box on the side of the bottle) into a bucket of water and wash the vehicle. 
–Dry the clean surface with a towel.
–Take one of the two micro fibre cloths and place a liberal amount of Aerocoat Surface Seal to the cloth, pouring top to bottom and left to right in a zig-zag motion.
–Fold the cloth in half so that it's damp on both sides and rub over the prepared surface.
–Take the second micro fibre cloth, rub over the applied surface and you'll start to see a shine and gleam coming through the paintwork.
–The micro fibre cloths can go through the washing machine, allowing for continuous for re-use.


Both products are 100% safe to use at home but, as detailed on the bottle labels, Aerocoat Wash and Aerocoat Surface Seal must NOT be swallowed and users should avoid eye contact and keep away from children.

Please be sure to read the Safety Data Sheet info via the PDF links below for both the Aerocoat Wash and Aerocoat Surface Seal before use.



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