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SGE326 AeroShell Turbine Oil 750 – 1 Litre (DEF STAN91-98/2 OX38 550001769)

AeroShell Turbine Oil 750 – 1 Litre (DEF STAN91-98/2 OX38 550001769) - Aeroshell

Product description:

AeroShell Turbine Oil 750 is a 71/2 mm2/s synthetic mixed ester oil containing a thickener and additives which provide excellent load carrying, thermal and oxidation stability.

AeroShell Turbine Oil 750 was developed to meet the requirements of DERD 2487 (now DEF STAN 91-98) and to provide a high standard of lubrication in British civil gas turbines, particularly turbo-prop engines where a good load carrying oil was required for the propeller reduction gearbox. AeroShell Turbine Oil 750 is also approved by the Russian authorities as an analogue to MN-7.5u and for those Russian turbo-prop applications which require the use of mixtures of mineral turbine oil and aircraft piston engine oil. AeroShell Turbine Oil 750 contains a synthetic ester oil and should not be used in contact with incompatible seal materials and it also affects some paints and plastics. Refer to the General Notes at the front of this section for further information. 


  • British Approved DEF STAN 91- 98 (replaces DERD 2487)
  • French Equivalent AIR 3517
  • Russian Analogue to TU 38.1011722- 85
  • Grade MN-7.5u
  • NATO Code O-149 (equivalent O -159)
  • Joint Service Designation OX-38

AeroShell Turbine Oil 750 MSDS

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