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FAA232 ASA Logging Flight Time - Kershner

ASA Logging Flight Time - Kershner - ASA

Product description:

A collection of mostly published, some unpublished, articles written by famed aviator Bill Kershner during his more than fifty years of flying. In these stories, Kershner details some of the more humorous, humiliating and helpful things he has seen and readers are sure to find them amusing and entertaining. Those who are pilots themselves may find some incidents all too familiar.

Mostly chronological, these stories begin with Kershner’s first flying experiences, through his career as a Navy fight pilot and then on to the later years as a corporate pilot and instructor. From the time of his childhood, Kershner has enjoyed drawing airplanes and the illustrations in this book reflect his sense of humour.

Author William K. Kershner
ISBN 978-1-56027-616-6
Dimensions 5-3/8" x 8-3/8"
Page Count 250 pages
Illustrations Black and White Photographs
Weight 0.75 lbs



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