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FAA254 ASA Proficient Pilot Gift Set

ASA Proficient Pilot Gift Set - ASA

Product description:

A compilation of Barry Schiff's popular monthly column in AOPA Pilot magazine, these books contain favourite articles from over the years, arranged by subject. These articles are pulled from his more than 26,000 flight hours in 260 types of aircraft, for a set of books filled with Schiff's vast knowledge and experience as an aviator and flight instructor.

The Proficient Pilot set delivers a wealth of information, a plethora of aviation stories, and tips of the trade from one of the industry's favourite pilot-writers, all together in a handsome gift box. Each book in the series is softcover, illustrated, and includes a comprehensive index.

AuthorBarry Schiff
Dimensions6" x 9"
Page CountVolume 1: 330 pages
  • Volume 2: 342 pages Volume 3: 360 pages
IllustrationsBlack and white drawings and diagrams
Weight3.33 lbs

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