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FAA242 ASA The Complete Multi-Engine Pilot

ASA The Complete Multi-Engine Pilot - ASA

Product description:

Pilots learning multi-engine flying have relied on this essential book for more than 20 years. Learn fundamentals of flying multi-engine airplanes and the aerodynamic laws that govern multi-engine flight under Bob Gardner’s experienced and energetic tutoring. This fifth edition includes a new chapter on energy management and information on both obtaining the multi-engine rating and checking out in a new twin. An integrated flight and ground syllabus details the program for the rating and provides a sample written test, typical of the one used for new-aircraft checkouts. Also contains a complete library of FAA source material on multi-engine flight subjects. The Complete Pilot Series is designed for use in flight schools, for home study, and as a base for student kits.

From the Foreword by Barry Schiff: “By studying the principles Bob Gardner so eloquently discusses—and simplifies!—the challenging task of becoming a proficient and knowledgeable multi-engine pilot will become easier and more understandable.”

Download The Complete Multi-Engine Pilot Syllabus to use with The Complete Multi-Engine textbook.

Instructors: Additional training aids to support your use of this book in the classroom are available at www.asa2fly.com/instructor/mpt

Part Number ASAMPT5
ISBN 9781644251959

Author Bob Gardner
ISBN 978-1-64425-195-9
Edition Fifth
Date Published 2022
Dimensions 8.25 x 10.75 inches
Page Count 200 pages
Illustrations Charts, drawings, photographs


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