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BTG945 Handbook of Pilot Selection - Hunter & Burke

Handbook of Pilot Selection - Hunter & Burke - ASA

Product description:

This book is intended to acquaint the reader with the significance of pilot selection in terms of money, safety, and volume of training underway. It presents the history of aircraft pilot selection and the scientific methodology underlying the development of effective and valid selection procedures.

The authors synthesise the findings into recommended approaches for selecting pilots in various settings. They go on to identify problems which still exist and outline needed research to address those deficiencies. Both professional psychologists and aviation managers should benefit from reading this book. Psychologists should use it as a source for information on the history and current status of research in pilot selection.

In addition, they could use it as a source of personnel selection methodologies in general and psychometrics. Aviation managers should obtain from this book a good understanding of the importance of a well-designed pilot selection system: to reduce their business costs (for example, through reduced turnover and increased productivity); to reduce their exposure to lawsuits because of improperly designed selection tests; and to improve safety.

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