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FAA105 Pitot Tube Cover 5/8 Inch - ASA-PTC-58

Product description:

This pitot tube cover fits snugly over 5/8" pitot systems found on Cessna 300 series, 400 series, Citation, and Conquest; Beech singles and twins; Piper Navajo, Cheyenne, most G1000 Mirage, Matrix, and Meridians; Mooneys; Mitsubishi; Lear jets; and Cirrus airplanes. Critical to safe operations, the cover keeps dirt, contamination, and insects from entering the pitot tube. A "remove before flight" streamer hangs off the cover as a prominent preflight reminder to pilots. The cover uses a heavy-duty plastic material; the 2" x 17" banner is bright red with white screen-printing for maximum visibility.

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