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NFG150 Aviator's Guide to Florida

Aviator's Guide to Florida - Aviators Guide

Product description:

Aviator’s Guide to Florida – the all new pilot’s guide to Florida. The Aviator’s Guide to Florida is a pilot’s guide that has been written for both pilots and co-pilots.

Its aim is to provide a solid information base for pilots to decide together with family and friends about a new destination. Why not pick a destination that has more to offer than just a fuel station, and why not make use of an FBO’s courtesy car to explore the area surrounding an airport? Very often, it’s just a matter of a few minutes’ drive to find a better restaurant or a nice beach to sit and relax.

Florida is full of great destinations! Explore amazing wild life, white beaches, immaculate golf courses and a great variety of inspiring cities. The Aviator’s Guide to Florida was made to help you find the right destination for all kinds of interests: sport, entertainment, food, art or just beautiful landscapes – Florida has it all!

With the Aviator’s Guide to Florida you can make the best of your flying holidays.

  • 192 pages packed with useful information
  • Describes over 40 hand-picked airports
  • Over 400 colour pictures
  • Includes information about restaurants, FBOs, cities, transportation and much more!
  • The ultimate pilot’s guide to Florida.

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