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ICH490 AvioPortolano South East Europe – Slovenia, Croatia North SE-1

AvioPortolano South East Europe – Slovenia, Croatia North SE-1 - AvioPortolano

Product description:

Aeronautical chart title: SE1 - Slovenia Northern Croatia 2020

By purchasing the aeronautical map in paper format you have the right to download the same card in digital format and the AIRMATE air navigation software for FREE

Product code: 0113

Publisher: Avioportolano srl

Description: the map includes the whole of Slovenia and Northern Croatia from Trieste to the border with Serbia. Much of Hungary and, to the south, up to the height of Pula

Paper: matte with 12 micron lamination on one side

Language: Italian / English

Last update: -

Cartographic base: © AVIOPORTOLANO® srl - Lambert conformal conical projection (central meridian 16°, standard parallels 40° and 52°, origin latitude 30°)

Standard: ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) "International Standards and Recommended Practices - Annex 4 Aeronautical Charts" .

Cutting meridians and parallels: from the meridian 13° to the meridian 17° 30' and from the parallel 44° 30 to the parallel 46° 40'

Number of airports reported: 98

Paper size in open format: 1080 X 480 mm

Closed format : 135 X 240 mm

Folds: 8

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