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SGE414 Bacoban PW 35 FOGGER

Product description:


Our PW35 ULV (Ultra Low Volume) Fogger is capable of accelerating the speed of the air to create fog.

Through a powerful engine manufactured by Samsung with 1250W power, this machine creates a strong air stream flowing through the chemical tank and through a specially designed liquid spray nozzle ejects microscopic particle sizes between 5~50 microns.

These microscopic particles in the air behave differently to larger particles or other objects so they remain airborne for long periods of time. This is what makes these devices well suited for applying insecticides, deodorisers, disinfectants, etc.

When these particles stay longer in the air, users are more likely to achieve their objective and even penetrate places where it is otherwise impossible to reach, and additionally reducing chemical consumption and avoiding leaks to the ground.

With this device users work 6-7 times faster than with a traditional sprayer, taking into account savings on this and chemical means, economic benefits to traditional sprayers.
The ULV has a slider to adjust the particle size between 5 and 50 microns. It also has a slider to control the desired power.

This equipment has a removable tank that allows professionals to work with multiple chemicals without having to clean the tank and also avoiding mixing of the chemicals. Our PW35 ULV comes with 6 Meter power cable.


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