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NBS010 Blind Spot Aviation Ruler

Product description:


The SMART ruler for VFR pilots: all functions on one instrument, fast read-out, simple in use.

This ruler has been designed to offer pilots maximum support in the simplest way, during flight preparation and in flight.
It enables pilots to solve navigation problems and provides useful information both at a glance, in only a few seconds, with only one instrument.
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FAST read out and SIMPLE in use! Pilots can now fly safer and more relaxed and concentrate more on flying, less on calculating. 

Pilot magazine UK wrote: "There are pilot rulers and there is The Pilot's Ruler"






  • Intergrated Protractor
  • VFR Cruising Levels Europe/UK/USA *
  • ATC Light Signals
  • Special Transponder Codes Europe/USA *
  • Morse Code
  • Emergency Frequency
  • Landing Cross Wind Table
  • Distance Ruler, for chart scale 1/250 000
  • Distance Ruler, for chart scale 1/500 000
  • Easy convert to chart scale 1/1 000 000
  • Flying Time (EET) Table, for Ground Speeds from 50 up to 180 knots
  • Calculation of Ground Speed
  • Calculation of Head- or Tailwind component.

* depending on region of purchase (EU or USA). 

DELIVERY - 3 types

A. Ruler EU + user guide in English
B. Règlette EU, avec guide de l'utilsateur en Français
C. Ruler USA + user guide in English

  • Colour, for good readability
  • Flexible material to make good contact with the aeronautical chart
  • Soft, no risk to scratch the wind screen when stowed on the dashboard
  • Unbreakable
  • No batteries
  • No sliding parts
  • No keyboard input
  • No sunlight reflection.








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