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BOE106 Boeing 747-8 Snap-Together Model with Wood Base

Boeing 747-8 Snap-Together Model with Wood Base - Boeing

Product description:

The Boeing 747-8 - a four-engine, wide body, long-range jetliner - sets the standard for the aviation industry. The 747-8 Intercontinental is one of the new high-capacity 747s that offer airlines the lowest operating costs and best economics of any large passenger airplane. Our collectible 1:200-scale model of the 747-8 is produced from Boeing-approved engineering drawings. 

    • Made of precision molded plastic with a weighted body and special wooden-base stand
    • Finished in a high-luster, pearlescent finish.
    • Some assembly required: components snap together easily
    • 1:200 scale
    • Length: 15"
    • Wingspan: 13.75"
    • Wood base included
    • Not intended for children

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