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HBO211NO/BL 327070-2040 Bose A20® Headset Cable, Straight Cable, 6-pin LEMO Plug. Non-Bluetooth®

Product description:

NOT AVAILABLE FROM BOSE This straight cable includes an electret microphone with a standard control module. Designed for aircraft owners who prefer an installed, aircraft-powered headset, the 6-pin self-latching plug is inserted into the panel connector of an installed wire harness. Two AA alkaline batteries can also be used with the optional dual plug or single-pin U174 adapter, allowing the headset to be used in other types of aircraft.

Key Features

  • Industry-leading active noise reduction with clear audio and comfortable fit
  • Audio prioritisation controls with multiple customisable settings
  • Auto-on feature automatically turns on A20® when aircraft power is detected
  • Metal connectors for robust and durable performance
  • Popular on many new and homebuilt aircraft
  • Wired aux audio input.

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