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HBO211 Bose A20 Headset Cable with 6-pin LEMO Plug, Bluetooth, Straight Cable (327070-3040)

Product description:

This straight cable includes an electret microphone with a Bluetooth® audio and communications interface. Designed for aircraft owners who prefer an installed, aircraft-powered headset, the 6-pin self-latching plug is inserted into the panel connector of an installed wire harness. Flexible power circuitry with auto-on allows the headset to turn on automatically when your avionics panel is turned on, and switch seamlessly from battery power to aircraft power without compromising headset performance. Two AA alkaline batteries also can be used with the optional dual plug adapter if the headset is being used in aircraft that require dual GA plugs.

Key features

  • Audio prioritisation controls.
  • Automatic shut-off.
  • Operates on 10-32 VDC.

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