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NCD933 Essential Physics - Part 1, Electricity and Magnetism

Essential Physics - Part 1, Electricity and Magnetism - CAE Oxford Aviation

Product description:

Essential Physics - a key to success in education, work and further training. A comprehensive, teach-yourself course in Electricity and Magnetism from one of the world's leading training organisations.

This course consists of 20 multimedia rich lessons, narrated in clear, concise English and supported by vivid graphics and animations. Innovative teaching software enables students to grasp even the most difficult concepts, quickly and efficiently. All of the key topics are built up logically and clearly, starting from the very beginning, ensuring that both novice and advanced students alike can benefit from this course.

This course develops topics in Electricity and Magnetism from a very basic level, to a standard comparable to the UK GCSE syllabus. Using this interactive, self-teach course, you will learn the fundamental concepts of electricity and be guided through the mysteries of charge, voltage and current flow, to the workings of series and parallel circuitry, Ohm's Law and electricity in the home.

You will be introduced to the link between Magnetism and Electricity and discover the principle of operation of a range of electromagnetic devices, including electrical motors and transformers. Provides excellent preparation for professional pilot ground school studies. Contains worked examples and over 200 self-test questions.

CONTENTS include: Electricity, The fundamentals of charge, Electrostatics, The flow of charge, Potential difference, Voltage, Current, Power, Ohm's Law & Resistance, Electrical components, Household Electrics, Magnetism, Natural & Man-made magnets, The field around a wire, The catapult or motor effect, Electrical motors and Dynamos, Commutators: a.c. and d.c. Electromagnetic induction, Transformers.

Minimum recommended PC specification: Windows(98, ME, 2000, XP), 550 MHz CPU, 128 Mb RAM, 4x CD-ROM Drive, Windows compatible sound card.

Please note: 

  • Windows 10 users need to download a patch from HERE to use this CD.
  • Not Apple compatible

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