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BTG063 Automatic Flight Control - Pallett & Coyle

This book provides an introduction to the principles of automatic flight of fixed–wing and rotary wing aircraft. Representative types of aircraft (UK and US) are used to show how these principles are applied in their systems. The revised edition includes new material on automatic flight control systems and helicopters.

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BTG098 Human Performance and Limitations in Aviation, 3rd Edition

This book was first published when the UK Civil Aviation Authority introduced an examination in human performance and limitations for all private and professional pilot licences. Now the Joint Aviation Authorities of Europe have published a new syllabus as part of their Joint Aviation Requirements for Flight Crew Licensing.

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BTG904 Aircraft Performance Theory for Pilots - Swatton

The new European Joint Aviation Requirements (JARs) lay down safety rules for every public transport flight on matters concerning weight, altitude and temperature; take-off and landing distance; cruise flight level and speed; decent angle and rate.

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