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BTC040 Aerobatics, Principles & Practice - Robson

This book is designed to tempt you to explore the wonderful world of aerobatic flight.

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BTG934 Flight Unlimited '95 - Annette Carson & Eric Muller

The original edition of Flight Unlimited was published in 1983, as collaboration between Eric Muller and Annette Carson.

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BTG072 Competition Aerobatics as a Hobby - Taylor

This little book of 24 pages was published by the Tiger Club of Great Britain as an introduction to competitive aerobatics.

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FAA262 The Basic Aerobatic Manual

This book is the standard reference for flyers who want to learn aerobatics. Explore basic manoeuvres from stalls and spins, to loops and rolls.

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BTA029 Aerobatics – Neil Williams

Acclaimed worldwide as the most detailed and knowledgeable text about Aerobatics.

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BTA007 Basic Aerobatics - Campbell & Tempest

Written by two highly experienced aerobatic competition pilots, this popular book guides those interested in aerobatics but with little previous knowledge or experience, into this fascinating and demanding discipline.

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MGW001 Advanced Aerobatics - Szurovy, Goulian

An excellent book for advanced aerobatics, taking the reader into the dizzy world beyond the basics. Each advanced figure is allocated a chapter with a clear description of its elements, theory and step by step details of how to fly it.

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MGW002 Basic Aerobatics - Szurovy, Goulian

Enjoy the aerobatics experience with this complete guide by Mike Goulian and Geza Szurovy, who tell you not only how to perform the maneuvers, but why the airplane behaves as it does.

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