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NFG103 French GPS Companion

The comprehensive GPS companion of France provides over 36,000 co-ordinates of cities, towns, villages, and airfields to help pilots program their GPS navigation system.

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BTG148/149 The Commercial Pilot Study Manuals

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XPP737 737 Cockpit Companion - Bill Bulfer

Boeing 737 Cockpit Companion written by Captain Bill Bulfer - This book covers Boeing 737 600-700-800-900-BBJ Systems and describes switches and systems on the aircraft.

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FAA064 A Pilot's Guide to Aircraft and their Systems - Crane

The more you know about your aircraft systems, the better you fly.

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FAA264 ASA Air Carrier Operations

Examines Federal Aviation Regulations governing air carrier operations. Helps readers gather the background information they need to identify relevant regulations and apply them to their operation.

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FAA067 Aviation Mechanic Handbook, 7th Edition

Handy toolbox-size reference for professionals and hobbyists. Provides conversions, formulas, densities, solid state electronics, and more.

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FAA304 ASA Aircraft Systems for Pilots by Dale DeRemer

Single-source manual of what pilots should know about basic aircraft systems. Previously published by Jeppesen.

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BTG133 Avionics for the Pilot - Johnston

Here is a straightforward introduction, clear of technical jargan, to the complexities of the many radio and navigational systems that are commonly used on aircraft.

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BTG176 Jet Engines - Hunecke

Jet Engines covers turbojet, turboprop, and turbofan designs and is applicable to civilian and military usage.

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JEP103 A & P Technician - Airframe - Textbook - Jeppesen

The most up-to-date airframe textbook available.

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