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BTC040 Aerobatics, Principles & Practice - Robson

This book is designed to tempt you to explore the wonderful world of aerobatic flight.

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BTG801 Human Performance & Limitations for the Professional Pilot - Robson

The most important information needed to perform the multi-functional tasks required by a modern jet is knowledge about the performance and limitations of its human crew.

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BTG935 In Safe Hands - The How and Why of Airline Travel - Robson

When you decide to enter the realm of flight, whether as a passenger or as a crew member, there are many aspects which pose questions.

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BTG908 Multi-Engine Piston - Robson

Robson has prepared this manual for pilots embarking on their first type endorsement on a Multi-Engined aircraft.

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BTG925 Three Points, Flying a Tailwheel Aircraft - Robson

A tailwheel aeroplane is more difficult to operate on the ground because the centre of gravity is behind the mainwheels; therefore, it tends to deviate from a straight path during taxi, take-off and landing.

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