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FAA087 ASA Mental Math for Pilots - 2nd Edition

Sharpen your math skills for the interview as well as for the cockpit, with these great tips for figuring math problems in your head without paper or calculator.

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NCD933 Essential Physics - Part 1, Electricity and Magnetism

Essential Physics - a key to success in education, work and further training.

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JAA007 CATS Keynotes for Pilots: Maths & Physics for Pilots

This book provides exercises and solutions to Maths and Physics problems that pilots at all levels will be required to solve.

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BTG102 Physics and Maths for the PPL - Luis Burnay

Many student private pilots don't realise at the start of their course that many hours of study are required on top of the in-class schedule.

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NCD323 Mathematics for Airline Pilots CD - Keith Williams

MATHEMATICS FOR AIRLINE PILOTS Many JAR ATPL students prepare for their examinations by memorising large numbers of questions and answers.

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BTG220 M3–The Mile, The Mach & Minute - Mental Math for Aviators, Ditch the Calculator - Mike Roumens

M3 is a book that gives back the power of mental math to aviators from all backgrounds, using simple tools and rules of thumb to avoid diverting attention while flying, thus enhancing situation awareness, promoting safe and efficient flying.

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