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BTG908 Multi-Engine Piston - Robson

Robson has prepared this manual for pilots embarking on their first type endorsement on a Multi-Engined aircraft.

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BTG908E Multi-Engine Piston, Robson – eBook

Pooleys eBooks are now available for Apple iPads and iPhone as well as Android devices.

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FAA242 ASA The Complete Multi-Engine Pilot

Fourth Edition by Bob Gardner. The essentials of a complete multi-engine training program with study questions, written exam, and syllabus. Covers the aerodynamic fundamentals that govern multi-engine flight.

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FAA082 Transition To Twins, your first Multi-Engine Rating - Robson

Use this book to help you acquire your first multi-engine rating.

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BTA026 Flying The Big Jets - Stewart

Flying the Big Jets is a comprehensive book that reveals as never before the every-day working environment of the modern long-haul airline pilot.

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MGW019 Multi-Engine Flying - Paul Craig

This is a complete guide to multi-engine flying, from the first time a pilot transitions into a two-engine airplane through advanced ratings.

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