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BTA015 An Introduction to Air Rallying – Fenton

This book provides a comprehensive guide to the art of Air Rallying.

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FAA247 ASA Sport Pilot Checkride Book

Complete prep for Sport Pilot and Sport Instructor checkride for LSA; plus Flight Review! Ace the Sport Pilot Checkride! Subtitled, "A guide to passing the FAA Practical Flight & Oral Exam," this sport pilot manual is complete preparation for the checkride — the last step in obtaining a Sport Pilot or Sport Instructor certificate to fly (or teach in) light-sport aircraft (airplanes, weight-shift control, or powered parachute).

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BTG703 A View from the Hover - John Farley

A View from the Hover is the summation of this lifetime of experience. Fully illustrated in 432 pages, the book describes John's career as a test pilot in the days of experimental jets through to the painstaking task of developing the Harrier and selling the concept of a jump-jet aircraft around the world. John employs a wealth of anecdotes and sharp insight to bring this exciting part of aviation history to life.

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