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CD 6 – Pooleys Air Presentations, Communications Powerpoint

Pooleys stock code: EAA160

These slides are intended to assist anyone wishing to obtain a Flight Radio Telephony Operators Licence, essential if you intend to use aircraft radio equipment.

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Readability 5 – Radiotelephony App

Pooleys stock code: RAD001

A unique, fully interactive learning and practice app for radiotelephony designed for students studying for their PPL.

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RantXL Radio Aids Navigation Tutor Release 4

Pooleys stock code: VTV008

Introduction to RANT XL Release 4 RANT XL Release 4 is the latest, fully Windows 10 compatible version of the Radio Aids Navigation Tutor and provides all the ground training a trainee pilot, who has never seen a VOR or NDB, needs to progress to being able to navigate the most complicated radio-aids navigation task - whether en-route or in the terminal area.

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Rant XL & Pooleys Radiotelephony Audio CDs

Pooleys stock code: NCD605

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