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ICH480 Czech Republic VFR 1:500 000 Aeronautical Chart 2016

Set of aeronautical charts of the Czech republic and Slovak republic.

£14.95 including VAT (Exempt)View details

CEU010 Airfield Guide Europe Wall Chart - 6th Edition

The Europe Wall Chart is an ideal chart for preparing flights to European destinations or alternates and calculating flight times, ranges and radius of action.

£34.95 including VAT (Exempt)View details

CFR544 Air Million Edition 2017 – Germany (Deutschland)


£15.95 including VAT (Exempt)View details

NFG108 Aerodrome Database 2017, Czech Republic VFR Flight Guide - Full English Edition

Aerodrome Database is highly regarded for quick reach of necessary informations. It is essential on board inflight as well as in preflight preparation and after landing.

£23.50 including VAT (Exempt)View details

ICH510 Czech Republic – VFR 500 Chart

2015 EDITION Aeronautical Chart Czech Republic /Slovak Republic

VFR 1:500 000

Aeronautical Data Effective: 30 April 2015

Aeronautical Data Up To FL95.

£17.50 including VAT (Exempt)View details

BAM060 Czech Republic Trip Kit (no binder) 10012675

Our VFR Manual Country Coverages enable you to select or combine individual VFR countries to build your own, personal subscription.

£38.00 including VAT (Exempt)View details

CGE604 Jeppesen High Level IFR Charts

These Jepessen EnRoute charts are available for High Level Flights designed for flights at and above FL200.

£9.50 including VAT (Exempt)View details

CGE603 Jeppesen Low Level IFR Charts

These Jeppesen EnRoute charts are available for Low Level Flights.

£9.50 including VAT (Exempt)View details

ICH402 Czech Republic VFR Chart 1:500 000 - Rogersdata

NEW EDITION 2017 – Released beginning of April.

£21.95 including VAT (Exempt)View details

ICH559 European Aerodromes South – Panorama Chart 1:2.500.000, 2017-2020

European Aerodromes South – Panorama Chart 2.500k 2017-2020. Panorama map on a scale of 1:2.500.000 | Overview of VFR, IFR, Civil & Mil. Aerodromes | Aerodromes with ICAO code | Colourful and accurate | Urban areas | International borders |VFR an IFR aerodromes.

£31.25 including VAT (Exempt)View details

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Pooleys 2017 Retail Catalogue

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International Dawn to Dusk Competition - sponsored by Pooleys

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