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NGP661 Garmin Aera 660 Home Dock

P/N 010-12373-05

£34.80 including VAT (20%)View details

CAM109 Garmin Bare Wire USB Power Cable (VIRB®)

Use this cable to hardwire your vehicle’s electrical system to a USB mini-B compatible connection. Requires a rugged combo cable to complete connection to your VIRB X or XE action camera.

£16.98 including VAT (20%)View details

CAM111 Garmin USB Power Adapter

Carrying Case PART NUMBER 010-11270-00. Suitable for the Aera 660, GDL50 and Aera 550.

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CAM102 Garmin High-Speed Multi-Charger

Add 2 high-speed USB ports to your vehicle's 12 V outlet without losing the ability to power your compatible device.

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CAM104 Garmin USB Power Adapter

Power and recharge your device wherever you go with our AC adapter.

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CAM106 Garmin Virb/Aera 660 Lithium Ion Battery Pack

For extended outings, bring an extra Lithium-ion battery pack for your compatible Garmin device.

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CAM103 Garmin Virb Elite / Aera 660 Battery Pack

Keep your compatible outdoor device on track with this battery charger / power pack. Power your lithium-ion battery with the charger or AC adapter, which includes plugs for the U.K., U.S., Europe and Australia.

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CAM112 Garmin Virb Rechargeable Battery

Keep the adventures going by having a backup or additional battery for your VIRB® 360.

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NGP202 Lithium Ion Battery for GPSMAP 276, 296, 495 and 496

Suitable for use with Garmin 276, 296, 495 & 496.

£66.00 including VAT (20%)View details

CAM108 Rugged Combo Cable (VIRB®)–GARMIN

This 3-to-1 combo cable allows you to power your VIRB X or XE action camera, providing 3.

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