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NGP903 Bad Elf GPS for Lightning Connector

The BE-GPS-1008 is the first third party plug-in Lightning Connector accessory approved by Apple. Bad Elf have upgraded the 1008 from the original BE-GPS-1000 to handle GLONASS and GPS satellites, and improved the case to allow the LED to be seen in bright sunlight as well as in the dark of night

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NGP904 Bad Elf GPS Pro+ with Bluetooth made for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad.

The new Bad Elf GPS Pro+ adds GLONASS satellite capability, USB file system access to data logs, and a barometric sensor for altitude. This GPS receiver, with 24 hour battery life and the capacity to log a full week in the air, just got better.

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NGP902 Bad Elf GPS Pro


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NGP820 Garmin GLO 2 Portable GPS/GLONASS Sensor for Aviation


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NGP906 GNS 2000Plus Bluetooth GPS Receiver

GNS GmbH presents the new GNS 2000, an Apple certified high sensitive GPS/GLONASS-Bluetooth-Receiver, which supplies highly accurate position information via Bluetooth to an Apple or other device as well as to many handhelds based on Windows or Android.

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NGP800 Dual XGPS150A Bluetooth GPS Receiver

The Universal Bluetooth GPS Receiver wirelessly adds highly-accurate GPS to devices, allowing them to be used with apps that require GPS, including apps for aviation, car and marine navigation, golfing, geocaching, hiking, biking and other activities.

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