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Products: Bose A20 Headset – Airbus XLR5 Plug

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HBO117 324843-2070 Bose A20 Headset (Airbus XLR5 plug, Flex) Hi Imp. Non-Bluetooth

This flex-powered straight cable features an electret microphone with a Bluetooth® audio and communications interface. When aircraft power is detected, the headset automatically turns on and switches from battery power to aircraft power. This is the most popular version for most Airbus aircraft types. Non-Bluetooth, High Impedance (General Aviation). – Popular for most Airbus aircraft types. – Flex-powered. – Audio prioritisation controls. – Automatic shut-off. – Certified to FAA TSO-C139, EASA ETSO-C139. – FREE UK SHIPPING!

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HBO204 324843-3070 Bose A20 Headset (Airbus XLR5 Plug, Flex) Hi Imp. with Bluetooth

This Airbus XLR5 model features an electret mic with Bluetooth control module. Portable design enables use in multiple aircraft with straight cable and XLR5 Plug. High impedance (General Aviation). FREE UK SHIPPING!

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