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HDC110 David Clark Battery Pack Module - Model XL-9V

This small, lightweight 9 Volt Battery Module provides power to ENC headset system and is compatible with all David Clark Company “X” Series of portable ENC headsets.

£97.50 including VAT (20%)View details

EHA048 David Clark Belt Clip

Control Module Clip Product Code:41068G-03

£6.00 including VAT (20%)View details

HDC111 David Clark Coil Cord (5 foot) with U-174/U plug

Increases the versatility of the H10-60 headset.

£89.95 including VAT (20%)View details

EHA024 David Clark Comfort Cover Ear Black Covers

Designed to absorb moisture in hot, humid weather.

£8.50 including VAT (20%)View details

EHA039 David Clark Ear Cup Filter

Ear cup filter

£3.95 including VAT (20%)View details

EHA025 David Clark Flo-Fit Gel Ear Seals

Gel-filled ear seals mould to the sides of the head for a perfect seal with each use.

£29.95 including VAT (20%)View details

EHA023 David Clark Foam filled Ear Seals

Foam Filled, Warranty 1 Year, soft, dependable foam-filled ear seals provide a perfect fit that is both comfortable and secure.

£15.50 including VAT (20%)View details

EHA022 David Clark H20 Gel Filled Ear Seal (non-ENC/ANR)

Oversized, contoured gel ear seals provide outstanding comfort and noise protection.

£49.96 including VAT (20%)View details

EHA037 David Clark Headset Bag

Fits one headset with split front pockets for maps, pens and full width pocket in back to accommodate a clip-board, book or magazine

£29.95 including VAT (20%)View details

EHA038 David Clark Headset Support Assembly

Head Support Straps, adjustable with hook and pile fastening system, attaches to the headset.

£12.90 including VAT (20%)View details

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