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JEP600 EASA ATPL Air Law 10365006

This New Jeppesen EASA ATPL Softback Manual covers the origins of aviation law before covering the practical elements of the rules of the air, personnel licensing and the operational aspects of Air Law as they affect the Airline Transport Pilot.

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JEP601 EASA ATPL Airframe & Systems Manual 10365007

Get a good grounding in the technical aspects of an aircraft's structure, systems and its emergency systems with EASA ATPL Training - Airframes & Systems and Emergency Equipment.

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JEP615 EASA ATPL Communications

Radio communication is often a dreaded subject area for some pilots. This volume takes the student from the basic principles of VHF and HF communication to its application in the VFR and IFR environment.

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JEP603 EASA ATPL Electrics Manual 10365008

Not everyone has a natural tendency toward technical subjects like electricity, so the Electrics manual is written in an informative way that doesn't leave you wondering what it all means.

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JEP604 EASA ATPL Flight Planning & Flight Monitoring Manual 10365013

Perfect your skills as a top-notch flight planner with the Flight Planning text.

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JEP605 EASA ATPL General Navigation Manual 10365016

Prepare for the General Navigation exam, plus explore the practical aspects of navigation that might be encountered during commercial airline operations.

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JEP606 EASA ATPL Human Performance Manual 10365014

This volume, Human Performance & Limitations, has been structured to not only provide all of the necessary information to pass the EASA-FCL examination.

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JEP607 EASA ATPL Instrumentation Manual 10365010

With the Instrumentation text, you'll take a closer look at how to present flight and navigation data to your crew.

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JEP608 EASA ATPL Mass & Balance Manual 10365011

The Mass & Balance text ensures that you have a good understanding of the effects of adding or subtracting a mass from an airplane, or moving a mass within an airplane.

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JEP609 EASA ATPL Meteorology Manual 10365015

Weather plays an integral role in the outcome of any flight, so it's important to make sure you understand the fundamentals of weather with Meteorology.

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