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NCB010 CB-1 Control Board

The CB-1 is a simple, lightweight Pilots Kneeboard. Rigid in construction and finished in durable black leather grain PVC. Fitted with spring clip for retention and use of Landing/Approach Plates, Frequency Lists and Log Pads.

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NCB011 CB-1R Rigid Control Board

Slim fit board ideal for small cockpits. Fitted with a single pen clip and spring clip. Elasticated velcro fastening thigh strap and moulded, cushioned back for comfort. Printed white lettering detailing quadrantal and semi-circular rules, phonetic alphabet, morse code, selected transponder codes and mnemonic position report.

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NCB020 CB-2 Control Board with Ring-Binder

NEW Pooleys CB-2 Control Board The CB-2 is a simple, lightweight Pilot's Kneeboard.

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NCB030 CB-3 Knee Board – Bestseller

The CB-3 is a strong, rigid fold-over Pilots Kneeboard Organiser finished in a durable blue leather grain PVC with metal protective corners. Fitted with spring clip (top centre) for retention and use of Landing and Approach Plates, Frequency Lists and Log Pads.

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NCB050 CB-5 Control Board

The CB-5 Kneeboard organiser is a double, fold-over version of the CB-1.

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NCB080 CB-8 Knee Board

The CB-8 is a very popular fold-over Pilots Kneeboard Organiser.

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NFB085 FBL-8 Flight Board with LED flexible Torch


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NCB111 GB-3 Glider Knee Board

This glider kneeboard is manufactured and finished in rigid heavy gauge black plastic.

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NCB101 GB-4 Soaring Knee Board

This Soaring Pilots Knee Board measuring 125mm x 230mm is manufactured and finished in rigid heavy gauge blue plastic with pen clip.

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NCB113 GPS K2 Helicopter Pilot's Knee Board

This kneeboard has been designed for use in small cockpit environments and was originally designed for use by the Army Air Corps.

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