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NSBS-1 SBS-3 Real-Time Radar Receiver

The SBS3 is a true stand-alone SDR receiver, unlike the majority of so-called SDR receivers on the market, which are, in reality, just digital tuners! The SBS3 performs all demodulation and decoding operations internally, without the need for any third-party software or any other PC software , enabling genuine stand-alone operation.

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NSBS-2 M75 Pre-Amp - Boost the signal for your Icom and SBS-1

BNC Plug on one end and BNC socket on the other, the unit will fit on top of a handheld scanner or in line for use with a base receiver.

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NSBS-3 Base Station Antenna - Kit A for boosting the range of your SBS-1

Fixed Site Antenna for improving signal reception from the aircraft to the SBS-1 system.

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NSBS-3 AS1105 High Gain Antenna - Further increase range of your SBS-1

High Gain whip for BS-1100.

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Pooleys Retail Catalogue Autumn/Winter 2017/18

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International Dawn to Dusk Competition - sponsored by Pooleys

International Dawn to Dusk Competition - sponsored by Pooleys

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Pooleys Charitable Support

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