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CAT500 CATS Complete Set of 13 Study Guides

CATS Complete Set of 13 Study Guides - CATS

Product description:

Cranfield Aviation Training School. Please allow up to 7 working days for delivery due to print on demand.

Each of the volumes offer:

  • Key Facts highlighted throughout
  • Easy to understand text
  • High quality, clear graphics
  • Colour throughout
  • Used by pilot training schools internationally
  • Available for all subjects in the JAA/ATPL syllabus

These up-to-the minute theoretical knowledge study guides offer a cost effective, concise, relevant and modern approach to learning all of the subjects within the JAA Commercial and Airline Transport Pilot Training Syllabus. These are the only study guides with JAA learning objectives and important key facts highlighted in colour throughout the text.

Study guides are printed in full colour, with an authoritative content, excellent, ultra-clear graphics and a style that is easily read and understood by the student. Favoured by commercial pilot training schools internationally these JAA/ATPL study guides are available in each of the required 13 subjects or as a complete set.

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