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CET 861011 SOS AVIO 12V 1000CA Booster Pack

SOS AVIO 12V 1000CA Booster Pack - Ceteor

Product description:

The SOS Booster® AVIO Series, a full range of ground power units to restart all turbine (free or shaft) and piston aircraft or helicopters up to 1000HP. Their starting power can take the place of on-board batteries, therefore delaying their replacement. Our models are essential to any airfield or flying club.

These battery jump starters are designed for professionals who need to occasionally jump start 12V vehicles in good condition but with partially flat batteries. They are particularly adapted for car dealers or for use on garden vehicles, motorbikes and leisure vehicles (quad, jet-ski, etc).

WARRANTY: The SOS Booster® is guaranteed for 2 years against all defects in material & workmanship. The robust & unbreakable housing has a lifetime warranty.

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