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SIM510 Flight Stick Raptor Throttle

Product description:

The Raptor Throttle is designed for use with all aviation and combat simulations as well as all flight joysticks.  

The ergonomic design means that the throttle reacts intuitively during play whilst also keeping muscle fatigue associated with long flying periods to a minimum.  

Throttle Features:

  • Movement resistance adjustment with a sensitivity of 1024 steps
  • Rotary buttons on X and Y axes have 265 positions
  • 5 physical configurable buttons A,B,C,D and E
  • 8-way HAT switch with POV function, controls the aileron, rudder and increases control over the menu 

Barcode: 8436563093418

Dimensions: 198 x 180 x 160mm

Raptor Throttle
Sturdy construction
Force adjustment
8-way HAT switch
Unique ergonomic design
Quality packaging

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