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PTK001 Pilot's Tool Kit – 23 Pieces

Product description:

The fleet of general aviation aircraft is ageing. Mandated maintenance promotes reliability, but experienced pilots know mechanical issues can still arise, sometimes far from an open FBO.

Our Pilot's Tool Kit provides the most common tools and other contents to help get you airborne, including a set of combination wrenches, 8" adjustable wrench, tire pressure gauge, locking pliers, 6-in-1 screwdriver, hex wrenches, and diagonal cutters.

A special aviation spark plug socket handles most spark plug makes, and a way-cool mini-ratchet and socket set provide additional utility. Finally, a telescopic mirror, cable ties, and 30 feet of aviation-grade safety wire are included.

Everything is nicely organised into a tough roll-up pouch. Weight 1.6kg

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