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BTG188 100 Ways to Fly More and get more out of flying - Falcus

100 Ways to Fly More and get more out of flying - Falcus - Destinworld

Product description:

Are you a private pilot yearning to get more out of your licence? Do you struggle to find ways to afford to fly? Are you an experienced pilot who has lost the drive to keep flying and keep exploring the hobby that used to excite you so much?

100 Ways to Fly More And Get More Out of Flying is an inspiring set of tips and advice for anyone who wants to get more out of flying and take it to the next level. It covers all experience levels and purposes of flying, including:

  • Essentials for the New Pilot
  • Tips on Flying Further
  • Trying More Challenging Flying
  • Adding Licences and Additional Ratings
  • Finding Cheaper Ways to Fly
  • Keeping Your Interest Levels High for Old Dogs
  • Improving Your Flying Technique

 This book is not an instruction manual, but an honest encouragement from one pilot to another on ways to fly more and make the most of your licence.

Matt Falcus is a private pilot, aviation writer and editor at DigitalPilotSchool.com. He has encountered all of the frustrations and joys of flying, and sought ways to experience more of this hobby which has become a real passion.


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