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CFR550 Air Million Edition 2017 – Balkans

Air Million Edition 2017 – Balkans - Editerra

Product description:


(Albania, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Serbia & part-Macedonia)

The myth of Icarus, Ariadne in Naxos, the Cyclades, Mount Olympus ... so many names and stories that make you dream? So do not hesitate, the AIR MILLION Balkans 2017 is made for the Hellenist you are!

Discover this map which covers all of Greece, Bulgaria and most of Turkey and the Balkans on a 1: 1,000,000 sheet. The map contains all the AIP information necessary for the flight: SFC airspace To FL180, controlled areas and restricted areas, aerodromes, radio media, etc.

All with the new AIR MILLION graphics, for maximum clarity and simplicity.

Like Ulysses, let yourself be seduced by the song of the sirens and go back to the heart of the Greek mythology with the map AIR MILLION of the Balkans 2017!

The map of the Balkans covers 1: 1,000,000 throughout Greece, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bulgaria and most of Turkey.

All the information necessary for the day VFR flight is shown here:

  • Airspace from CFS to FL180;
  • All controlled areas of Class A to E
  • All restricted areas (restricted, dangerous, prohibited, military training areas, etc.)
  • More than 200 aerodromes, AIP, private or ULM
  • The radionavigation means (VOR, VORDME and NDB)
  • Obstacles to navigation (> 400 ft)
  • Reporting points and VFR routes


Product dimensions: 11 cm x 25 cm (folded format), 130 x 50 cm (open format). Printed on thick, film-coated paper.

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