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CFR100 Air Million Edition 2022 – UK & Ireland

Product description:

2022 Edition

Explore new horizons with the range of AIR MILLION maps of Europe

This 1: 1,000,000 scale map of the UK and Ireland shows all of the airspace from SFC to FL120. All the zones from class A to E are represented there as well as nearly 600 aerodromes, AIP, private or ULM sites, all prohibited, restricted and dangerous zones, ATZ and MATZ zones, as well as airways, points VFR report and radio navigation resources (VOR, VORDME and NDB) etc.

Major improvements over previous editions:

  • overhaul of the graphic charter of the aeronautical overlay
  • overhaul of the geographic background charter to improve the readability of the map
  • reintegration of class E spaces
  • reintegration of 1 of the hundreds on zone and AD frequencies
  • new design for AD cartridges (with name, ICAO code, altitude, call, approach and ATIS frequency)


 Product dimensions: 12 cm x 25 cm (folded format), 130 x 50 cm (open format).

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