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VTV010 The Helicopter Experience DVD - Kenyon

The Helicopter Experience DVD - Kenyon - Electrocution

Product description:

Dennis Kenyon was the winner of the 1992 World Freestyle Championships, and the highest scoring pilot in the 2005 Championships in Rouen, France. This DVD combines the top helicopter aerobatic displays at RAF Shoreham, North Weald "Aerofair", Bury St. Edmunds "Rotors & Motors", and more.

Review by Trevor KC

"Received for my birthday the other week the Dennis Kenyon "The helicopter experience" DVD.
It is absolutely awesome! One of the best bits being when Dennis talks you through his routine from inside the aircraft.
Overall though, this is certainly one of, if not the best aviation film I've seen in a long time, well worth getting hold of and of course it is for a great cause"

Review courtesy of www.pprune.org

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