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NCD328 The Complete Airline Pilot Interview Course DVD

The Complete Airline Pilot Interview Course DVD - Flightdeck Consulting

Product description:

Widely regarded as the best pilot interview preparation available this course will give you the best possible chance of success in your airline interview.

Ideal preparation for any pilot attending a PHONE or SKYPE interview.

The Virtual Interview Program simulates precisely a web based interview with the advantage of continual practice and self assessment combined with our Work Book to ensure a complete and thorough interview preparation.


The Premium Interview Package includes:

  • Pilot Interview Preparation Software – Eight Virtual Interviews to help you perfect your interview technique.
  • The Airline Pilot Interview Work Booklet download version.
  • Simulator Assessment Guide.
  • Psychometric Testing Information.
  • QRH handbook
  • Complimentary Email Support from professional airline interview consultants.

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