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JEP620 EASA ATPL Airframe and Systems (Helicopter) Manual 10550823

EASA ATPL Airframe and Systems (Helicopter) Manual 10550823 - Jeppesen

Product description:

Get a good grounding in the technical aspects of an helicopter's structure, systems and its emergency systems with EASA ATPL Training - Airframes & Systems and Emergency Equipment for Helicopters.

FEATURES: Airframe and Systems provides guidance in the basics of the build of a helicopter. In addition to build and construction, this book also discusses functionality and maintenance of these systems. Structure, hydraulics, landing gear and steering are covered in detail. Pressurisation, air-conditioning, de- and anti-icing, as well as fuel system are also covered. Printed on demand and using QR codes to provide animated graphics, introduction to content is efficiently paced and illustrated.

ISBN# 978-0-88487-077-7

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