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JEP701 Jeppesen GFD Multi-Engine Textbook (10D)

Jeppesen GFD Multi-Engine Textbook (10D) - Jeppesen

Product description:

Intuitive organisation and colourful presentation make this manual an essential study aid on your journey to seeking multi-engine rating. Each topic is presented in an innovative and logical way.


  • Practical application of concepts through use of real world scenarios
  • Examine the latest research regarding engine-out aerodynamics
  • Human factors topic receives special attention
  • Multi-Engine manoeuvres and procedures


  • Concise and complete explanations of advanced concepts
  • Strategically-placed Discovery Insets supplement your learning
  • Human Elements Inserts help teach the mind/body/flight connection
  • Summary checklists at the end of each section
  • Key terms are highlighted throughout
  • Review questions are presented after each section
  • Helpful hints from real-world pilots and instructors

ISBN# 978-0-88487-053-1
Version: 10001888-003

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