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VTV280 KING - Practical Risk, Take-Off's & Landing

Product description:

Consistently good, safe takeoffs and landings are the result of preparation! The first step in making critical decisions is learning to manage the risks. Next is the consistency and steadiness that comes from informed confidence.

Practice Your Perceptual Skills

Using this highly interactive course, you'll find out how to make the right decisions with every takeoff and landing. You'll learn the industry-lauded PAVE and CARE method for managing the risks inherent in takeoffs and landings, and you'll actually practice your perceptual skills with realistic scenario-based questions. 

This Course Covers:

  • PAVE & CARE for Takeoffs & Landings
  • Passenger-Pleasing Takeoffs & Landings
  • Mastering Crosswinds
  • Avoiding the Dreaded Gear-Up Landing
  • Polishing Your Technique.

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