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MGF101 Flex Suction Sport Mount

Product description:

The Sport Mount - Flex Suction - an INFINITELY articulating and adjustable arm. There is no other suction cup mount for a device that does all that this unit does in a single, light-weight, easy to configure mount.

This one mount can operate as a compact suction cup, allowing a close position to the glass of 3.25 inches. It can operate as standard suction cup mount extending to 10.5"

The Sport Mount - Flex Suction is for pilots who want to mount their device off a glass windshield, side window or other smooth surface.

Arm Extension: 3.5" to 10.5"
Arm Diameter: 3/4"
Arm Material: Aluminium
Suction Cup Diameter: 3.5"
Suction Cup Material: Sport Adapter Diameter: 1.5"
Sport Adapter Material: Aluminum
Mount Weight: 13.8oz / 393 grams
Add a Case **PLEASE NOTE** You must have a Sport Case/Cradle to use this mount.

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