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MGF203 iPad Mini 1/2/3 Holder

Product description:

The iPad Kneeboard Sport™ is the perfect aviation kneeboard, mount and everyday case for the iPad Mini 1/2/3. It is designed for the pilot looking to secure their iPad on either leg, who needs the minimal case, but still wants a very secure fit, or for the pilot that wants to mount their iPad. In black, smooth polycarbonate, the Sport™ adds protection and great feel to the iPad.

The iPad Kneeboard Sport™ was designed for pilots by pilots. It is designed to work in aircraft where space is tight or where there is a cyclic, or control stick being used between the legs. It is perfect for pilots of helicopters, sport aircraft, and when there is tight yoke clearance or when mounting is desired.

NOTE: This is the iPad Kneeboard only. Mounts sold separately.


Dimensions: 9.75"L x 7.75"W x .63"D
Kneeboard/Lapboard: Yes/No
Mountable: Yes
Material: Polycarbonate
Colours & Finish: Black with soft rubber coating
Port Access: All ports accessible
Clipboard: No
Aluminium Rails On Back: Yes with rubber feet
Leg Strap: Yes
Case Skin Option: No
Apple Smart Cover Compatible: Yes

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