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BMY003 Myro and the Railcar Audio Book

Myro and the Railcar Audio Book - Nick Rose Limited

Product description:

In ‘Myro and the Railcar’, Myro tries to race the shiny and wise old diesel railcar to the top of Australia’s Blue Mountain railway.

But after a near miss and the fright of his life, Myro makes a new friend and learns that wisdom is much safer than speed.

MYRO AND THE RAILCAR – Book 4.  Myro is unimpressed as Rayco huff-puffs along his boring railway track.  He’s determined to stun the steady railcar into silence with a race over Australia’s Blue Mountains.

But wait, Myro! Rayco doesn’t want to race!

Then why is he chuffing faster than ever before?  What is he trying to tell Myro?  Will the Smallest Plane in the World get the message before it’s too late?

With twists, turns and a surprise round every corner, Myro discovers that friendship and team work are more important than winning.

INSIDE: Myro and the Railcar

Sample double spread from the Picture Book
Michael, Myro’s pilot, is away on holiday, and the Smallest Plane in the World is bored and unable to fly. To make matters worse, Rayco, the old diesel railcar that chugs past the Flying Club, gently teases Myro every day, calling him a flying lawnmower!
When Michael returns, Myro tricks his pilot into racing the railcar up into Australia’s Blue Mountains to show he’s nothing like a lawnmower. But Rayco knows the land much better than anyone else, and although he tries to warn Myro of danger ahead, the little plane finds out for himself ... the hard way!
After a near miss and the fright of his life, Myro and Rayco become the best of friends and lawnmowers are never mentioned again!
Audio Book  Christopher Biggins narrates Myro's adventures in the fun packed hour long CDs!
Myro stories are narrated by Christopher Biggins

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