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BMY004 Myro and the Skydivers Audio Book

Myro and the Skydivers Audio Book - Nick Rose Limited

Product description:

In ‘Myro and the Skydivers’, Myro flies higher than he’s ever flown before to prove he can take a skydiver parachuting, just like the big planes can!

But he knows he should have asked permission and trouble is now just around the corner...

MYRO AND SKYDIVERS – Book 5.  Oh no, Myro! Don’t do it, mate!  Myro tilts his cheeky nose to the Australian skies, and zooms higher than ever before – higher than he should!

And it’s all to get a skydiver into position ... all to stop a daring Dakota from doing him down ... and all so his pilot can impress a pretty girl!

But it’s big trouble all round. Will the Smallest Plane in the World be grounded forever?  Are his adventures already over?

Myro may have a little engine, but he’s got a big heart, and it’s sure to see him through!

INSIDE: Myro and the Skydivers

Sample double spread from the Picture Book
Myro, the Smallest Plane in the World, and his pilot are exploring the Australian countryside when they spot a smoking red flare on a remote airfield.

Flying down to see if they can help, Myro notices a skull and crossbones on the roof of the hangar and fears that it’s a secret pirate hideaway!

Sure enough, within moments of landing, the air is filled with skydivers calling themselves the Parachute Pirates.
When Myro is teased about his size by Deko, the parachutist’s loud-mouthed aeroplane, he breaks the rules and takes Pirate Penny skydiving. But Myro is caught in the act by Madge, the Flying Club manager and gets into big trouble!
When apologies are made and lessons learned, Madge lets them go skydiving the following day, but this time with her permission.

Audio Book  Christopher Biggins narrates Myro's adventures in the fun packed hour long CDs!
Myro stories are narrated by Christopher Biggins

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