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BMY006 Myro Arrives in Australia Audio Book

Myro Arrives in Australia Audio Book - Nick Rose Limited

Product description:

In his first adventure, ‘Myro Arrives in Australia’, Myro the microlight meets his new hangar mates and is quickly off exploring the valley.

He soon makes a daring rescue of a sheep in trouble, flying it back to the farm in time to help deliver a little lamb.

MYRO ARRIVES IN AUSTRALIA Book 1.  What a journey!  After weeks at sea and hours on the road, Myro, the Smallest Plane in the World, scoots onto the scorching runway of his new home far from the UK.

He can’t wait to fly!  But first there are new friends to make and strange chores to tackle ...

A girly gyrocopter? Mustering cattle? Speeding a lambing ewe to safety?  Whoaaa!

Buckle up for the start of Myro’s whirlwind adventures in the endless skies of the Australian Bush.

INSIDE: 'Myro Arrives in Australia'

Sample double spread from the Picture Book
The first book in this exciting series follows Myro, the Smallest Plane in the World, from his home in the UK to a new life in the Australian Bush.

Travelling with a bright red London double decker bus, they soon arrive at the Flying Club, hundreds of kilometres North of Sydney.

There Myro has to win the friendship and confidence of his new hangar-mates: a gyrocopter, a helicopter and a Cessna light aircraft. They are wary, but Myro’s size and speed enables him to carry out a daring rescue on a remote farm, and help deliver a lamb.

Soon he’s the toast of the airfield – even though he’s covered in cow-pats from the bumpy landing in the cow paddock!
Audio Book Christopher Biggins narrates Myro's adventures in the fun packed hour long CDs!
Myro stories are narrated by Christopher Biggins

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